We wish to thank the following for their valuable contributions to this report:

For the following sections (Introduction; Earth Observations for the SDGs; Opportunities and Challenges; Conclusions and More Information)

K. Anderson (GEO), A. Dekker (CSIRO), M. Hernandez (Future Earth), C. Ishida (JAXA), F. Kerblat (CSIRO), Y. Nakamura (JAXA), I. Petiteville (ESA), J. Ross (GA), W. Sonntag (GEO), M. Steventon (Symbios) and S. Ward (Symbios)

For the Case studies (lead contributors)

Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM)

A. Whitcraft (GEOGLAM), F. Kerblat (CSIRO)

Algal Bloom Early Warning Alert System

T. Malthus (CSIRO)

Flood Prediction System Using the Global Satellite Map of Precipitation (GSMaP)

R. Oki and M. Kachi (JAXA)

Global Mangrove Watch – Mapping Extent and Annual Changes in the Global Mangrove Cover

A. Rosenqvist (SoloEO)

Earth Observation for Water-related Ecosystem Monitoring

C. Giardino and M. Bresciani (CNR-IREA)

Mapping Urban Growth

M. Paganini (ESA), T. Esch and M. Marconcini (DLR)

Air Pollution Monitoring for Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements

M. Kikuchi, A. Kuze and S. Sobue (JAXA)

Using Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef

T. Schroeder (CSIRO)

Mapping Forest Cover Extent and Change, and Progressing Sustainable Forest Management

A. Kavvada (NASA, GEO) and M. Hansen (University of Maryland)

The Global Forest Observations Initiative and Space Agency Support to Forest Monitoring

M. Steventon and S. Ward (Symbios)

Efforts Targeting Land Degradation to Achieve Neutrality

M. Paganini (ESA),  A. Held (CSIRO), M. Cherlet (JRC), S. Minelli (UNCCD Sec.), S. Walter (UNCCD Global Mechanism)

This report is the result of a broad team effort, and we wish to thank all organisations and individuals who assisted.